80% of the US Workforce are what AMP call “Industrial Athletes” - workers who swap being stuck behind a desk for a more physically demanding job.

Designed by sport scientists and sports medicine practitioners, AMP’s injury prevention and recovery platform is a care management system that is now POWERED BY ASENSEI to replace manual assessment and prescription with self-service digital solutions that make use of 3D Computer Vision and Human Movement Recognition.

The challenge

Delivering Better Care, Faster.

To keep industrial athletes safe, strong and productive, AMP provides organizations of all sizes, in a wide range of industries, with the digital tools that allow them to take a proactive stance to their employee’s health and wellbeing.

Before ASENSEI, this was a labor and time intensive process. First, in-person physical assessments would be scheduled and conducted. Next, these assessments would be analyzed, and used to recommend how well an individual might be able to perform a particular job. Finally, athletic trainers and PTs would design and prescribe “work hardening protocols” - regular exercise routines designed with the job function in mind, to minimize the chance of worker injury.

The promise of a solution POWERED BY ASENSEI was to make this a quick, easy and engaging experience for both practitioners and workers, allowing the healthcare professionals to focus their time on the population that need them the most, while delivering a more consistent and higher quality of care for every worker.

AMP is reducing healthcare expenditures and enabling sustainable workforces in the Industrial labor market. Built with some of the best minds in Sports Science and Sports Medicine the AMP platform equips employee service providers and front-line managers with all the tools necessary to deliver educational programs, monitor employee progress, identify risks, and leverage data to reduce preventable injuries and maintain a healthy, productive workforce.
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The solution

From the Front Line to the Back Office

Who better to pilot a solution with, than pilots themselves? Musculoskeletal injury is the number one threat to airmen’s tactical readiness, leading to 25 million lost days of active duty and approximately $5b in healthcare costs.

Working with the United States Airforce to deploy AMP’s technology for the remote monitoring and recovery of US Airmen, the AMP development team worked with ASENSEI to design an end-to-end solution with 3 key features:

  • 3D motion capture of a simple movement assessment on the AMP mobile app using only a smartphone camera
  • Objective assessment of mobility, and highly personalized exercises recommendations from ASENSEI’s partnership with movr.
  • Coming next — the ability to guide and monitor individuals as they perform their prescribed exercise, with real-time coaching and fault correction.

The cross-platform ASENSEI software development kit allowed the AMP development team to quickly integrate these capabilities into the existing AMP mobile app. The extensive library of exercises ASENSEI is capable of coaching gives AMP the customization they need to meet the exercise protocols for different industries and workers.

The result

Greater Care, Lower Cost of Care.

Before AMP integrated ASENSEI, physical therapists or athletic trainers in an industrial athlete environment would have to spend significant working hours performing assessments, hand selecting exercises, and designing rehab protocols or injury risk management programs.

“The ability to remotely collect high fidelity movement data has been a priority of ours for a long time,” said AMP CEO David Nichols. “ASENSEI’s form tracking and assessment capabilities are a huge addition to our platform, giving our clients the ability to analyze functional movement, assign fitness protocols, and monitor progress and compliance all in one platform. Ultimately, they are able to better serve their customers by predicting risk, reducing recordable incidents and increasing productivity.”

With the addition of in-app form tracking to existing features such as digital protocol management, member communication and data analysis, AMP offers a true end-to-end solution for service providers managing employee health and wellness.


ASENSEI helped Platform get to market as quickly and easily as possible by building on the following libraries and components:


The cross-platform  SDK allows 3rd party developers to easily add form-tracking and exercise recognition with 3D Computer Vision or Connected Apparel.


Add 3D Computer Vision and motion capture to your product. Single-person or room-scale capture on high-powered phones or low-powered tables.


An ever-growing library of exercises, drills, flows, coaching cues, progressions and regressions that  reduce a partner’s time to market.


Validate each rep of your customer's movements to quantify sets, AMRAPS, or workout goals.


Identify common movement flaws and cue your customers with real-time form corrections.


Watch customers for movement inefficiency, imbalance, and areas of training focus.

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“ASENSEI’s form tracking and assessment capabilities are a huge addition to our platform, giving our clients the ability to analyze functional movement, assign fitness protocols, and monitor progress and compliance all in one platform.”

David Nichols, CEO, AMP