When The Platform Studios – voted the best boutique studio in the Middle East for four years running – wanted to drive engagement and retention as they scale the global reach of their signature studio experience, they turned to ASENSEI as the enabling technology for a truly personalized and gamified experience that would be consistent whether experienced at-home, in-studio or in a partner pop-up studio.

The challenge


It’s no coincidence that Platform Studios were voted best boutique studio in the Middle East for four years running, with a focus on creating immersive and engaging experiences where high-tech studios meet superstar trainers. With classes in several modalities including HIIT, Cycling, Yoga, Barre, Pilates and Boxing, Platform Studios wished to extend the brand to a 24/7 wherever, whenever brand.

The challenges?

  • How do you extend the Platform Studios experience to studios in Dubai, London, New York and Los Angeles without diluting the experience?
  • How do you reach customers both at-home and in-studio with a seamless experience that’s every bit as engaging as the signature studio experience?
  • How do you continue to use data capture during workouts to drive the accountability and engagement Platform studios is known for?

Shifts in consumer behavior mean that consumers not only want to work out both at-home and in-studio, but they expect to have the best of both worlds. This means delivering in-person experiences that exhibit the interactivity and individual accountability of a digital experience, while delivering digital experiences that offer the same personal coaching touch when working out in the presence of a superstar trainer.

The answer? A roadmap of form-tracking powered experiences that can elevate both the at-home and in-person experience, from one fitness modality to the next.

The Platform Studios
Voted the best boutique studio in the Middle East for four years running, Platform offers live and on-demand classes in HIIT, Yoga, Pilates, Boxing and Pilates Reformer.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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The solution


ASENSEI offers a number of different form-tracking powered experiences designed to increase customer acquisition, drive engagement and lower churn in both digital and physical health and fitness products. Further, the ASENSEI technique library enables recognition, understanding and coaching intelligence for a wide repertoire of modalities, including the HIIT, Yoga, Barre, Pilates and Boxing modalities that a typical Platform Studios class entails.

To put the core ASENSEI capabilities at the heart of the Platform member experience, the team identified a “dynamic warm-up” as a “first of many” experience to roll out to members irrespective of their preferred class or modality. The dynamic warmup was designed using the ASENSEI mobility screen blueprint and a repertoire of floor-based bodyweight exercises from the ASENSEI technique library.

When challenge and skill are in equilibrium, the conditions for Flow state are created. In Flow state, we become fully immersed in what we’re doing with increased satisfaction and engagement, key drivers for customer retention. The dynamic warmup is an opportunity for Platform to establish for members that their practice is personalized and their coaching is personal, by quietly assessing their technical skill and mobility in the moment, so that the appropriate amount of challenge can be given in class.

  • Using ASENSEI exercise recognition and fault-tracking, Platform members are watched carefully as they warm up through a series of exercises designed to test both mobility and range of motion, as well as technical mastery of foundational movements.
  • The ASENSEI software development kit allows Platform to score individual movements or complete workouts, demonstrating progress while surfacing the opportunities for personalization and coaching of the program ahead. In both in-person and at-home fitness, “progression is retention”. Measuring and showing progress is a powerful motivator for members.
  • Driven from individual scores, Platform can now personalize the experience for members with real-time coaching cues, exercises substitutions (for exercises that might otherwise break Flow with frustration) or exercise unlocks (creating flow by keeping members comfortably uncomfortable in their practice).
  • Leaderboards are a powerful way to drive engagement between in-studio members, and to extend the in-studio experience at-home. ASENSEI partnered with ROOK so that Platform could drive leaderboards and program personalization from a broad selection of wearable technologies for biometric tracking, combined with measurement of quality and quantity of reps using the ASENSEI SDK.
  • Another driver for engagement and retention is establishing rapport between members and coaches. Though ASENSEI can deliver real-time feedback direct to members, the SuperCoach(TM) solution from ASENSEI routes observations, interventions and recommendations to “the coach on the floor”, allowing them to show up in the right moment, at the right time, with both corrections and congratulations.

The result


According to Harvard Business Review, acquiring a new customer can be anywhere from 5 to 25 more times expensive than retaining an existing customer. And in digital and boutique fitness, one of the strongest drivers of retention is engagement and enjoyment. By focusing on a signature experience that can unlock a collection of form-tracking powered experiences designed for engagement and enjoyment, Platform are able to pursue a growth strategy that drives both acquisition and retention of highly engaged customers.

For launch, the dynamic warmup experience is being deployed in the member application, offering an at-home experience that brings the kind of engagement they’d otherwise only achieve with a personal coach in the room in a small class or 1:1 setting.

“The Platform Studios and ASENSEI are collaborating in a truly hybrid way, changing the fitness landscape. At-home, ASENSEI form-tracking and exercise recognition allows us to bring innovative form-tracking powered experiences to our live and on-demand classes, as well as forthcoming connected hardware. In studio, those same capabilities can be delivered by ASENSEI at room-scale, elevating the studio experience” says Stewart Miller, Platform CEO. “As the best boutique studio in Dubai, we only collaborate with innovative and forward-thinking partners. With ASENSEI in our corner, our community will now get the best in-person experience enhanced by digital, and the best digital experiences that are just like being in-person with our motivational coaches.”

Typically for ASENSEI customers, the foundational capabilities put in place by the first experience allow for rapid iteration and innovation of subsequent experiences.

“Platform chose a signature experience that could live as easily in a Yoga or Pilates class as a HIIT or Boxing class, “ says Steven Webster, CEO of ASENSEI. “This particular experience offers natural progression into other experiences, such as instructional learning of new movements unlocked as exercise progressions, or onboarding of customers new to a modality. Real-time form-feedback and coaching personalizes and gamifies the workout, unlocking competitive community based experiences such as leaderboards, partner-based and team-based challenges and post-workout coaching tips.”


ASENSEI helped Platform get to market as quickly and easily as possible by building on the following libraries and components:


The cross-platform  SDK allows 3rd party developers to easily add form-tracking and exercise recognition with 3D Computer Vision or Connected Apparel.


Add 3D Computer Vision and motion capture to your product. Single-person or room-scale capture on high-powered phones or low-powered tables.


An ever-growing library of exercises, drills, flows, coaching cues, progressions and regressions that  reduce a partner’s time to market.


Validate each rep of your customer's movements to quantify sets, AMRAPS, or workout goals.


Identify common movement flaws and cue your customers with real-time form corrections.


Watch customers for movement inefficiency, imbalance, and areas of training focus.

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"With ASENSEI in our corner, our community will now get the best in-person experience enhanced by digital, and the best digital experiences that are just like being in-person with our motivational coaches.”

Stewart Miller, Founder & CEO, Platform